Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Perfect Gift

A lot of people get anxiety about house warming gifts. Usually the nervousness stems from the fact that customers worry they will end up buying a gift that won't match the recipient's new space..I would have to say that I have about a 90% "batting average" of knowing when a customer is looking for a housewarming gift. (The deer caught in headlights look is a dead giveaway.)

That's when I lead them to these little beauties. These handmade soaps from Australia are packaged in some of the most beautiful papers I have seen. Plus, the fragrances are rich and clean-smelling without being over pungent. They're perfect for a powder room or indulgent for your own bathroom.

I carry the following fragrances:
-Blood Orange
-Oolong Tea
-Onyx Currant
-Snow Gardenia
-Black Cheery Plum
Soaps retail at $16 each.

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