Thursday, May 21, 2009

Feel like a kid again

When I first was designing the interior/exterior look of ACQUIRE, one of the first decisions was putting a planter box above my door's shop sign.

Unfortunately winter came quick to Boston and I haven't been able to plant anything in the planter until today!

The planter box is a good nine feet from the ground, so it took a TALL ladder and a nice guy from the hardware shop down the street to get all of my Persian ivy into the box. The funny part is that I am not a fan of heights, so climbing up a tall enough ladder to constantly water the plants is probably not going to happen. Plus, there is no tap outside the store to run a hose. SO....I will be watering the plants with one of these bad boys...

I LOVE my new "Quick Blast" super soaker!! First off, it's HUGE (it holds a liter of water) and mine is electric blue!! Amazing.

If you come in and ask me nicely, I'll let you try out the new watering toy too.

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q said...

you city folk are off the hook.